1. CardinalFang

    As dudes with tits go, this one isn’t that bad!

  2. Vandinz

    She looks like she’d punch fuck out of my bollocks. I like.

  3. Racer X

    I’d hit that 25/8.

  4. body glitter? she’s some classy stripper.

  5. disillusionisreal

    How does she even qualify as a celebrity?

  6. TTWIG

    I don’t think Amber’s that bad looking, but she needs a better fitting dress. Her boobs look to be in agony.

  7. lily

    she would be hott if she lost 30 pounds and grew hair….

  8. Brittani

    Is she black? I don’t even know what race she is. Why does she not have hair? Is she a celebrity now?? I didn’t know fucking rappers and being in a vodka commercial counted.

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