1. Misana

    she looks pretty

  2. lily

    beautiful and natural! i love when black girls let their natural hair grow out instead of opting for nasty fake weaves like beyonce and the rest of them that try to be white

    • Reece

      Your comment is so ignorant.

      A) This is not Brandi’s “natural” hair. She’s wearing a wig and/ or weave
      B) Black ppl can have long thick hair just like “white” ppl
      C)White ppl wear weaves too (most of the white celebrities with long thick hair have extentions)
      D) White ppl are not the only ones with long straight hair.

      Its 2012 black women aren’t trying to be white. the idea of white prestige isn’t being rammed down our throats. What they choose to do to their hair is their business

    • D.C.

      Um, not her real hair (I’m black….I should know). Good points on all fronts, Reece…..

  3. Andie

    Actually Reece it’s 2013. *runs*

  4. Andie

    Nevermind. Durr.

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