1. Rough's lazy lick from Irene

    How secure is her twitter account?

  2. Ihateyoumtv

    In what was perhaps MTV’s most brilliant move of the night, they invited her to do nothing more than dress up as a dinosaur as per one of the jonas’ demands and then do the dougie. At which point she only proved again that she doesn’t know how and is the talentless assceratops we all thought she was.

  3. Codot

    What the fuck is she doing there?

    • Carlton Banks

      Why the fuck not? She’s no less talented than most of the other clowns there. She just had a shit producer.

  4. Kady

    She at least made a song that almost everyone has heard.. Why was the cast of Jersey Shore there? To remind us all that MTV does not play music vidoes anymore.

  5. “And lo, all the no-talents congregated in the city of angels. And from amongst them rose one with less than no talent, and she was made their queen.”

  6. Pibb

    She looks good

  7. Miss Thalia Amour

    “Partyin’, partyin’, Yeah!”

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