1. Ryna

    Even her dad won’t fuck her in this.

  2. Any Guy

    hillbilly frog-face makes my pants sad.

  3. She looks extra hideous when her picture is immediately after one of Selena Gomez. Yikes.

  4. lo lo

    “in about three years holla at me miley cyrus”

  5. Offendo

    Why does she always look like she’s hunching? Are her shoulder supposed to always be that close to her head?

  6. cc

    She found that in a box marked ‘Movie: Casino, wardrobe leftovers’

  7. Michael

    Thanks Miley. You made my dick shrink to nothingness.

  8. bernard

    quack quack

  9. Open Eyes

    LOLOLOL DAMN! she gets fuglier everyday..

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