1. Ryna

    I hope he’s a successful candidate for skin removal surgery.

  2. Rough's lazy lick from Irene

    Somewhere in Hollywood, Pierce Brosnan is wearing jeans, t shirt and an old puma.

  3. Dude of Dudes

    Is it just me or is he like the only person in the world who should have remained fat?

    • Ono

      He’s skinny, Britney Spears is winning awards for music, Tiger sucks at golf. It’s pretty clear we’ve entered a parallel fucking universe.

    • allykatt

      I was just thinking, “bet he got nailed more when he was fat.” I would have fucked him all chubbo, now I wouldn’t let him buy me a drink or a purse…… expensive shoes? maybe. but he could have gotten anal if he hadn’t gone on the subway diet.

  4. nick

    poor choice of clothing.

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