1. Cock Dr

    Youthquake vibe.

  2. It had to be said

    The body is pretty banging, but it’s just hard to get into with that haircut . . .

  3. 15piecesofflare

    She’s setting of my Gaydar.

  4. Anon

    She cut her hair for a reason, not because she’s gay. And she’s growing it out now again anyway for more movie opportunities. She is extra hawt.

  5. fred

    It funny how people perceive someone based solely on a haircut. How really narrow minded. Then again, this is The Superficial. So not surprising.

  6. Shannon

    I think she looks beautiful. It makes her eyes stand out more.


    Holy shit shes hot

  8. Nik

    Kinda looks like my little sister playing dress up

  9. yup

    I love her.


  10. cc

    I’d like to fill her secret chalice with my magic potion.

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