1. Hugh Gentry

    I insist on seeing her naked immediately.

  2. I just got an ESPY in my pants.

  3. Fletch

    Yes to both of the above

  4. Gray

    Where the hell is Kerry Washington and Serena Williams?

  5. Ismoss

    How the hell do you leave out Serena Williams? She had her super fun bags well on display.

  6. Whoa

    This has got to be a stunt double. Anyone else think Rachel Nichols is trying to pull a Saddam Hussein on us here?

  7. brown starfish

    Her boobs look weird. They are wide, but flat at the same time. I call a case of small boobs and big, padded bra.

  8. captain america

    they said serena. so where is serena?

    i want to see serena

  9. bigone

    uhhhh, could someone please pass me a towel? I just unloaded some ESPYs looking at those ginormous “set & match” fun bags

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