1. TigerGD

    She has the curves of a brick wall. I’m deleting my I Am T-Pain app!

  2. Satan's bitch

    This chick looks frumpy no matter how much bling she wears.

  3. Cock Dr

    She has a figure like a refridgerator.

  4. rican

    Yep, she’s getting ultra fat. Those straps are made to keep her weight under control.

  5. sprezzatura

    Wow she is busted and her figure is horrendous. She makes Lady Gaga look hot. All that sparkly crap just proves you can’t polish a turd.

  6. Maruli

    This is Kesha cosplaying as my refrigerator. Although I’m sure it has more waist definition than she does.

  7. boing

    shes like a tree trunk w/ boobs.

  8. pumpkin

    She looks like a …. oh, forget it. It’s just too easy.

  9. Kadhyaa

    OMG! If I had her figure, I’d have a corset on at all times ! Poor girl

  10. Is this her attempt at looking feminine?


  11. lavalamp

    I haven’t seen a ho look this busted since craigslist stopped running those special personal ads.

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