1. Cock Dr

    Bubble butt……but is it real?

  2. TigerGD


  3. DOucHe BaGELs

    Must be depressing that when it’s your turn to take a picture they tell you to face the wall.

  4. Remember when celebrities had talent?

    My kingdom for an ass.

  5. SteveG

    Truth is, once you get the Spanx off this creature, all you’re left with is AIDS.

  6. Eugene

    Dear God, please tell me the carpet doesn’t match the drapes.

  7. It had to be said

    An ugly faux lesbian wearing Depends. Hott!

  8. Soviet Snow

    No wonder black dudes need the long cock. That’s a lot of ass cheek chunk to get by to doggy-style that

  9. The GW's friend


  10. Nonesuch

    Very nice ass. I’d kissing lovingly.

  11. SIN

    The black Kim Kardashian. Neither one has any talent bit both are Fame Whores.

  12. reboxx

    the only element that micki know from the periodic table
    i hate fake stuff

  13. MrsWrong

    You can see the back brace she has to wear to support the weight of her fake boobs, fake hair, and horrible guilt of being a sellout

  14. Well, at least when her career goes in the tank, she’ll apparently have something to fall back on.

  15. Eve

    I’d lick her crack.

  16. A.A

    Real or not I’d like to (Censored)

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