1. Fran

    Hey, JWOOW is really multitasking these days.

  2. SIN

    I love Kelly but she is still getting to big. She has Kim Kardashian hips here.

  3. Michael

    Demi Lovato?

  4. tlmck

    In a related note, PETA just put red sequins on the endangered list.

  5. me

    why is rachel ray still in her halloween costume?

  6. Kim Kardashian can sing?

  7. disgusted

    You people disgust me. She’s got a beautiful voice, who cares whether or not she has gained weight. It’s comments like that contribute to young girls becoming anorexic. Let’s not judge her on her talent….just her looks.

    • sarah

      You’re right. She looks stunning. (lying)
      No “young” girl that has recently had a vision exam would aspire to look like this. The truth can be brutal sometimes… now quit pouting over eating that 3rd slice of pie and get to the gym.

  8. Skeeter

    I’d bang her from behind and sit on her face.

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