1. wow

    Someone get that girl a steak STAT!

  2. hrob

    WHOA! Wayyyyyyyy too skinny. Gross

  3. king gibson

    agreed ppls! this woman looks unhealthy!

  4. JP

    um, skeletal is not sexy…. :|

  5. Notyou

    Skeletor’s daughter?

  6. bi chick

    Seriously gross

  7. ole


  8. Marco

    She needs some cheeseburgers. God, her face is not that great either. WTF.

  9. Alyssa

    Forget the fact that she’s skinny as fuck.

    • Kizzy

      It is creepy, isn’t it? It was the result of a surgery as an infant done to fix an umbilical hernia, and it left her with a smooth indentation instead of a hole. As for her being too thin, I’m thinking she took losing weight after having a baby a little too seriously. It’s been a year, and she looks like a gosh darn skeleton.

    • Meh

      I think she was born in a test tube

  10. NoseRingGirl

    face is ick, i agree. i think she’s too tan as well……….other than that…………..SHA-wing

  11. chelsea

    ew, yeah, she looks gross. there’s a line between being thin, toned, healthy, and sexy and being emaciated and unbalanced, and she’s crossed the line. it’s not a good look on anyone. she needs to eat a healthy diet with tons of protein and some starches/fats to get a little bit of healthy weight back on her, and work out regularly to build muscle tone. that’d do it.

  12. lux

    That’s Karolina Kurkova, who last year (two years?) ago wasn’t able to fit into her outfits because she was “so fat.” Google her, they ripped her apart for having cellulite. Poor gorgeous girl.

  13. GeorgeWBush

    YAWN……if you’ve seen one tranny show, you’ve seen them all….days of the super runway models are gone….

  14. oh no!

    what happend to her awesome body?

  15. Magic of Photoshop

    It’s just the curse of the Eastern European women: they look hot until their twenties and quickly go downhill from there. Besides, she’s not blessed with a lingerie-model body: even when emaciated her waist is almost non existent. But people don’t realize that because most of VS models have been so much airbrushed on the catalogs.


    Eat something please.

  17. mnsuperbee

    Uhh that bitch is nasty

  18. Cardinal Fang

    I like puss lips wrapped around my cock. Not bone.

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