1. Magic of Photoshopped

    Fat ass

    • chelsea

      i bet you get better looking asses in your bed every night, right? or you have a better looking ass yourself? hmmmmm

      • Fancypants

        When it’s your job to be a human coat hanger, you better have a sweet fucking ass. This is flat, wide, white anorex-ass. For the record, I don’t have better-looking asses in my bed every night, but I do have a better-looking ass in my bed every night.

      • Magic of Photoshop


  2. minx

    whose ass is it?? they keep showing the ass but not the face.

    • Magic of Photoshop

      If you actually *read* the first bolded, enlarged text on the right of the picture instead of just staring at the ass, you may know the answer.

  3. Blech

    If this ass weren’t photoshopped, I wouldn’t mind having it.

  4. mk

    shes still the only feminine looking one……i miss cindy crawford, claudia and the real models.

  5. hohoho

    I could handle more ass than that. I NEED MEAT!

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