1. idontgetit

    come on she’s ugly. you can admit it.

  2. Jukn

    someone get this girl a sammich pls.

  3. BadCall

    Karolina Kurkova. No, Thanks.

  4. NoseRingGirl

    she is ugly…but not because she’s thin…..she’s just a butterface….

  5. chelsea

    just ew.

  6. Perhaps it’s time to retire this angel.

  7. Jana

    nice ribs.

  8. Meh

    DAAAAMNNNN her ribs is so sexy reminds me of that time I went to apple bees

  9. Mena

    Nevermind a buttaface, shes a buttaeverything.

  10. tall

    she had a nicer body before, but her face has always been tragic

  11. hohoho


  12. bring back the 90's

    victorias secret became irrelevant to me when they adopted the whole low rise bottom thing, and they also have ‘supermodels’ that dont quite fit my idea of super. BRING BACK THE SEXY HIGH RISE CANT HIDE YOUR HIPS BOTTOMS! D:

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