1. Damn, she stupid

    Double digit IQ test results not pictured.

  2. Why in god’s name wouldn’t she get her teeth fixed? She’s a formal model and has a great rack, why not fix your hillbilly teeth?

    • First, because those teeth were one of the reasons she got the role of Megan on Mad Men. Matt Weiner actually liked the fact that her smile wasn’t 21st century cosmetically perfect.

      Second, you may not have heard of another “formal model” (what, is there a separate category for prom dresses?) called Lauren Hutton, but FYI, her teeth never held her back.

      Third, she’s self-conscious about them, but doesn’t want to change them because they’re hers, they’re what make her look like herself, and she doesn’t know what she’d look like if she changed them.

      Fourth, I have two words for you: Jennifer Grey.

  3. VelociRaptor

    I wonder which blind AMC TV exec did she blew to get this gig.

  4. Oooh… not a strong look.

  5. …neiiiiigh!…

  6. ouch. wasn’t expecting that.

  7. Not her best look, but I know how hot she is so she gets a pass.

  8. Phoenix

    Lee Press-On Brows?

  9. steve buscemi as a woman

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