1. slappy magoo

    Is Amy Adams the Benjamin Button of hot chicks? Tatum O’Neal looked older in Paper Moon.

  2. the return of Tonya Harding.

  3. Mashara

    At first sight I thought she was Hailee Steinfeld. I thought we get bigger boobs after giving birth? Was I lied about this too? Like when they told me a brazilian bikini wax was painless?

  4. crys

    “hello my name is plain jane”

  5. Cock Dr

    Didn’t she have a baby last year? Pregnancy is supposed to pump up the boobage……WTF?

  6. me

    if you breastfeed your baby for a long time and then stop, your breasts get really small and deflated for about a year, then they start getting fuller again. brests get really big because of the milk, when the milk is gone, its like a empty sack of potatos….but it comes back.

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