1. Seriously, why the hell was she there???

    • AppleJam

      cuz she’s good-lookin’.

    • Betty

      I totally agree!!! I saw her on E Red Carpet, and was just thinking why the hell is she there? She is by far not an actress, nor has any sort of talents except her looks, acting like a diva, sore loser, bratty, spolied, full of herself, and the most uninteresting person I have ever seen.

    • Sorry Apple, but that reasoning only applies to shows like the MTV Awards. Not something as serious as the SAG Awards. This show is for people with actual talent.

      • kelly

        i think shes there because shes popular, yes she doesnt have any talent, but shes popular and people love to see her and talk about her, so why not? if she brings media attention then they figure oh ok lets let her in

  2. Michelle

    Was her foundation applied via trowel?

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