1. V’ger called. It wants to know if you’re done with your party and if you found the Creator yet.

  2. lalalalooo

    Barbie called. She wants her makeup set back.

  3. Charlie Caligula

    Jamie Lee Curtis called. She wants her penis back,

  4. Darebear

    UHHHHHwhat the fuck?!

  5. AOA

    The 90′s called. They want that joke back.

  6. Yowza

    The years have been kind to Sinead.

  7. Kay

    If any of you jerks learned to read the preamble to this photo album, she is a cancer patient, thus the lack of hair.

  8. bb

    If you learned to use google… sorry I went there but she doesn’t have cancer. :)

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