1. Malina

    wtf, russians dont know how to put make up on!
    this looks so fucking 70′s. but not in a god way

  2. burton

    what the hell is up with her fake breast??? ugly breast if you ask me.

  3. Go back in the closet if you think she’s not amazingly hot.

    What a body.

  4. jim x

    I think the body’s great. I’m wondering if the head was photoshopped on a hotter model. Either that or she’s been working out non-stop the second she was busted selling secrets.

  5. Tgnome

    Horrible photoshop job! It actually looks like they pasted her head on another models body then did the touch ups. They need to steal America’s artistic abilities next cause… damn!

  6. Giggity

    This bitch is ugly. We have way too many hot women here in the states compared to her, why is this chick even being talked about again?

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