1. billabong021

    that frickin 2pac he’s coddling there?!

  2. Geezer

    I’ll be damned. It looks like JJ is painting again. Dy-No-Mite!

  3. Had no idea Michael would be kickin it in thug’s mansion…

  4. So does this mean that he thinks Tupac went to hell, resigned to spend an eternity with an Jackson-5 Michael?

  5. Anita Hanchob

    I always knew Tupac smoked pole and like younger boys. Typical Rapper.

  6. Juliana

    That second picture is a joke, right? Who in his/her right mind would WANT to paint THAT???????????? WTF???

  7. barroom hero

    wtf? Is that Tupac in pic 5?

  8. ym

    good stuff. A pedophile and thug; shouldn’t there be flames? jackson looking to blow tupac’s pole is a nice touch tho.

  9. Count Von Stickyteeth

    I actually think these are okay – especially 2-4. But 5, what the fuck is up with that. 2pac and MJ – that’s where we see that it’s a lame joke instead of a serious statement.

    It should have been Elmo instead. or Fat Albert.

    How about MJ, Fat albert, Fresh prince (and family especially hot Ashley (Tatyana M. Ali)) Darth Vader (pre-Haden style – no helmet) and Lucifer (a la billy crystal in deconstructing harry), Woody allen as jesus (painted black like a gollywog), He-Man as god – all playing a game of hungry hungry hippos – while Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee and Kurt Cobain do a Kung fu yelling – guitar Jam. And Michael Jordan kills all with his planet eating planet/basketball.

  10. AnnaDraconida

    These paintings are fucking horrible.

  11. Jordy Chandler's Cousin

    He looks like he fittin’ to masturbate in picture #2.

  12. St Louis Jeff

    I was expecting to see a picture of Michael Jackson in a bed with Satan and Saddam Hussein a la South Park. Seriously, WTF?

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