1. Sheena

    Here we see that Jesus wears the crown of thorns and the sparkle glove – but in another portrait MJ wears the crown of sequins (which cuts him, cuts him DEEP).

    This is some seriously fucked up imagery.

  2. jesue

    What would you call someone who got accused of not 1 sexual abuse but 5? a priest

  3. Vito

    These pictures are fairly well done. But who gives a shit? Michael Jackson was a marvelously talented man who just coincidentally was as screwy as a pig’s tail. He wasn’t the Messiah, fer fucksake. He was an entertainer. A very good one. and he was FUCKING NUTS. He’s dead and gone now. Enough, already. Give it a fucking rest!

  4. albie

    Makes sense. Jesus loves pedophiles. Just ask any priest.

  5. lizzy

    i think they’re interesting. they carry alot of the themes that he was a lonely misunderstood man, who was controlled and murdered by the illuminati, as tupic was rumored to be as well…

    cue the hate responses to this post.

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