1. Reality Check

    Simmer down, Sally.

  2. Crys

    he’s only pissed cos some of the drink got on his douche suit lol

  3. Anon

    LOL. Best pic ever.

  4. Rodger J. Wright

    He was going to beat up a girl?

    • WhataboutIke?

      Well the bitch is the one that threw the drink. The reason so many women throw drinks, slap, or basically act an ass now is because they know that at least one or two guys (and a shit load of like minded women) are going to say, “You can’t hit a girl!” But the same people will stand there and watch as some psycho bitch do whatever comes to mind when their BF asks a more attractive women for an autograph. Fuck that, if you want chivalry then act like a lady!

      • Mad Monkey

        Even so, you have to agree that it’s kind of overreacting to transform into a demon from the shadowy pit of Hell just because a woman in a bar threw a drink at you. Seriously, save that shit when you’re stuck in line at the movie theatre or attending an Insane Clown Posse-related event.


  6. fatguyinalittleshirt

    HAHAHAHAHAHA what a ass clown.

  7. sugardaisy

    LMAO! Don’t demon-eyes Scot

  8. The Jerk

    Please make picture 4 into an awesome internet meme. Someone get on this now please.

  9. Brittani

    I laughed at this for a good 2 minutes. Oh thats funny. Awesome.

  10. ω=ლ=D~~ (゚ಥ_ಠ)

    Nuke America. It’s done.

  11. Melrose

    Crazy-Eyes Killah

  12. Yuneil

    What is he gonna do? Buy the guy?

  13. rough OR die

    I think this guy was getting rerady to howl at the moon. But if TMZ says he was getting ready to fight, then it must be…


  14. paco

    this reminds me the movie

  15. let's get rough before we are lovers...

    Never, in all the years that I have been a club crawler, have I witness a more calmer security goons during a scuffle in NYC . Usually patrons are rushed out feet first, upside-down…

    • squirtdrinker

      wait a second, he is not in the fight, he just realized that he forgot his purse on the table, read his lips, he is yelling MY PURSE, I FORGOT MY FUCKING PURSE….

  16. Denman

    What a quiff!

  17. jenn

    is that audrina patridge in the back left corner?
    i can spot those droopy eyes anywhere.

  18. MakaNikaNuget


  19. lisa

    wow he looks like satan just cz there was no red eye correction and he wasnt gonna fight a girl he just pushed her out the way to get to the meatball who was all crazy. seriously ive been to that club/bar they were at and i dont know what it is but fights happen there all the time. i went with a bunch of girl friends and seriously every other chick tried to start something with one of us. i think even a midget tried to fight us, hahaha. good times.

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