1. On Drugs Today

    Bullseye shot…What is with the demonic look in Scott’s eyes while being held back by the bodygurads?! The boots Khloe is wearing look like she is ready to dive head first at the all your can eat buffet at Country Buffet..

  2. ww

    why is kourtney wearing MC Hammer pants?

  3. absinthe

    what a bunch of slovenly armenians

  4. hairyskank

    they will not survive in nyc ..not liked or respected & the work/talent ethic is waaaaaaaay too high for them to compete ..
    their ‘moohlah’ & twit twat mean nothing in nyc ..
    they’ll be running back to the west coast soon …
    she is a laughing stock & worse the media is so full of shit ..
    for example i was in paris at the louvre & people were laughing their asses off ..
    if you could see the surgery , make-up caked on & the height it is more than the french could bear ..
    read the truth in the gossiprags NO WAY !
    HAHAA they want you to believe she is popular in europe ..
    this is not the ideal beauty in europe & ESPECIALLY in france where looking like a gypsy walking on stilts dressed as a lampshade is not attractive ..
    nor is being fat with very short legs ..
    kim could not even clothing TO FIT !
    what a farce ..
    & best of all she tries to pretend that she’s had nothing done ..
    she looks like a ventriloquists dummy …

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