1. Ivanka

    To start there at a low end club in NYC I ‘ve bee there, not the best crowd…they prob couldnt get into a better club.. Kim’s look dosen’t fit in NYC to fake trying too hard , much better in LA or Miami. I’m not a hater but man those naked pic of Kim’s ass are really nasty!! She should really cover that shit up fast! Her ego has really gotten the best of her. The photo of Mikina next to Kim is funny since Itjust shows how bad she looks next to someone with a really nice body.

    • Joey Scoglamiski

      Americans are sooo jealous and hateful! In my country if you don’t like someone you just don’t have anything to do with them, you just stay away from them. But constantly I go to her websites and the hateful comments are there. Why even visit? Why? Because it is the jealousy in you that keeps you on her news and website. Otherwise you would just move on to something else and not put so much energy into writing bad comments. People can like who they want, the people who are her fans let it be if you’re not that is your perogative!!

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