1. HA! Wet titties, LOL.

  2. Akiyama

    Yeah, they just wanted to get her titties wet. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. Come_Honor_Face

    If you just look at her from the waist down it just looks like she just had her period

  4. damn

    Why couldn’t Kim where the white dress last night!

  5. Czar

    2 bad that wasn’t gasoline.

  6. ew

    looks like her ass is like crunched and folded, bulging out suffocating beneath that line

  7. Nugget

    Homegirl that threw the drink is a hero. I enjoy how she’s covering her face now after this, but will famewhore herself out any other day. Reality check.

    • Joey Scoglamiski

      Americans are sooo jealous and hateful! In my country if you don’t like someone you just don’t have anything to do with them, you just stay away from them. But constantly I go to her websites and the hateful comments are there. Why even visit? Why? Because it is the jealousy in you that keeps you on her news and website. Otherwise you would just move on to something else and not put so much energy into writing bad comments. People can like who they want, the people who are her fans let it be if you’re not that is your perogative!!


    Fake fight for a fake show starring Kim with her fat, fake, implanted ass. That pig Kim would suck the shit off of the dick of a guy who just raped a 5-year-old if she thought it would get her 10 seconds of TV fame. Disgusting family with a pimp for a mother and a soulless lawyer for a father. Puke.

  9. K

    why else would the cameras be rolling??

    Someone pls set their house of fire. I would if i lived in America.

  10. Ramon

    wet delicious butt

  11. squirtdrinker

    looks like Kim was sucking cock and dude blew his choad on her chest and then dude’s girl friend slapped her around a bit…at least that is the way my mind has played it out

  12. john lovers

    hey, i watch james bond movie and i am really got amazed when james characters gets died in actions.

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