1. Cock Dr

    That ass has been shrunk. I call shenanigans.
    I’ve seen it so many times on this site that by now I know its true dimemsions.

  2. Anna

    she definitely needs to do more of that so it doesn’t take elle since june til now to photoshop this shit.

  3. overlooking the obvious

    um. pretty sure the “Graduate” was in university and not fucking junior high!!!!!!! I need to get the hell off this continent because it officially now the gateway to hell.

  4. Hafizullah

    Yeah Lauryn! BiebDash is bonafide shit.

  5. Jezabelle

    OMG! Ur kidding right? This crappy little punk kid thinks he’s gonna hit it w/an older woman? In his dreams. Hes still fresh from the womb. I dont think so DOnny Osmond.

  6. Heather i think this is the stupiest photo shoot makes no sense? like im a huge justin bieber fan but i just dont like it.and it makes Kim look really bad.

  7. Fakakma

    did they bang?

  8. Dr Johnson

    please, all you losers, get a life. Thanks, and KMA.

  9. Angel

    I really dont think it is wrong. I think it is weird. Its not like kim is in any provocative clothes or all over him! It is still kinda a pointless photo shoot.

  10. drizzo

    it’s a photoshoot, hence it isn’t real. You people all need to get a life, or at least do more with your free time. Oh, and if you ask why am I posting here, I’m hoping my gF reads this and realizes how retarded this is

  11. Kirsten


  12. Alex

    When I first heard about this, I thought people were over reacting. But, knowing that the theme is The Graduate is kinda disturbing. If a 16 year old girl (besides Justin. Oh snap!) did this with a 30 year old man, all hell would break loose.

  13. steph

    wow guys! u lot r harsh! hes only a young boy doin a photo shoot jhezeeeeeeeee!
    If you hate him so much why comment! pathetic idiots! get a life please!

    love you justin

  14. crystal#1

    fuck dat shit all da fuckin time i thought he and or his ass aint have no girlfriend he probably do like wut the hell man cum on.sike i luv you justin bieber and i always listen to your songs others might think you crazy and or gay or not cute but i think your an hot tamaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and a beautiful honest hot piece of freshly cooked bacon i luv you babe your so cute and i wish i can meet you sum day but i cant becuz i have things like important things to do like go to school and learn and always keep on gettin my a’s and stuff like dat but still you are so freakin cute i am so physced about you not like a crazy person but you are so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.(sorry about dat cussing thing i wuz mad at sumthin)

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