1. fucking unbelievable

    this can’t be right..

  2. fucking unbelievable

    i remember the time kids were innocent..god take me back!

  3. RP1979

    What a stupid idea. This chick should not be famous and that kid has the worst case of helmet hair on Earth.

  4. Kirsten

    Justin Drew Bieber is amazing! He never hurt any of you people and you guys are all just jealous, okay? Because he gets to be with Kardashian and you don’t doesn’t mean you can treat him with fucking disRESPECT ok? i stick up for people unlike u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 justin drew bieber i love u and kim kardashian ily too!!

    • jasmin

      agree !
      these people leaving stuiped comments dont have a lifee !
      they just need to get a life
      there jealous (:
      justin your the most amazing person on earth and kim your so prettyy and cool (:
      love you both

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