1. chris

    this photoshoot is frekkin dumb. The theme does not live up to what the movie was about in any way. I have a f*cking rube next to another worthless/talentless rube. I hope they dont sell one magazine.

  2. Lex

    What is this? I dont even….

  3. melrose

    It could be sexy if there were some glimmer of a hint that the kid could even handle that woman. It doesn’t help that he’s like half her size.

  4. McFeely Smackup

    Imagine a photo shoot of a 30 year old male “star” frolicking with a 16 year old girl. we’d collectively shit the bed in outrage. But put a 30 year old porn star with a 16 year old boy that middle aged women are drooling over, and it’s all fine.

  5. holy shitter

    lmao. didn’t beiber’s mom go on about how she instill christian values in that kid. but she lets him do this photo shoot. that’s nutzo.

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