1. lauryn

    so we’re supposed to beleive theyre going to run off into the bushes together and fuck? i dont buy it, looking at this picture.
    also anyone who tells me that they would never be together in real life.. i’m just talking about the picture, idiots.

  2. simone

    Wow…What Talent on both sides. Lets see:

    1. A self absorbed Fame Whore skank with ZERO talent.

    2. A total Douche-boi who’s “career” will be done once his balls drop.

    Oh and their will be no banging or pissing on Kim unless your a black boy or man.

  3. Bobo

    terrible airbrush job on Kim’s waistline

    • elka

      Agreed! You can actually SEE the liquify tool in action, see how the water bends from bottom to top on each sides? They could give me 5$ and I’d do a better job… I am stunned how magazines let yucky jobs like those pass?!

  4. mayhem

    He looks like a winded lesbian about to have a heart attack of joy. Which reminds me…. there is a whole SITE of them..

    Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber dot com! AHHAHAHHA!

  5. Baller

    Love at first site!

  6. Kirsten

    OMG, ya’ll are some rude people. This is just a PHOTOSHOOT READ IT DUMBASSES!!

  7. jasmin

    there so cutee !

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