1. JC

    The powerful combination of smug and stupid is clearly strong with the little one.

  2. I can’t believe God allows human beings like this to exist as children.

  3. Little Tongue

    Had she only lasered off that weird hairline – that makes her look like a neanderthal – maybe she could have married better and avoided all the legal shit. Just sayin’.

  4. coljack

    “I’m just so proud of my little one here. The other day, I tried to talk to her about something she said to her sister. She turned over the table, called us both liars, posted the whole thing to YouTube, and then released her own clothing line.”

  5. I know it’s not the right thing to say or help the situation in any way, but holy shit those are some ugly kids.

  6. Joe Blow

    WTF is up with those eyebrows? All three of them… geez.

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