1. Victoria

    Hahaha cause this doesn’t look posed at all.

    • Rajveer

      I see your point, but I definitely see the show for what it raelly is, a birth control method. It lays out the truth for everyone, being a teen mom is one of the most difficult things a girl could go through, but nobody HAS to go through. I mean after seeing all of their issues, idk about you but i am definitely waiting a long time for one of those little poop machines. I don’t think we should blame these girls or mtv. Its how naive girls look at it, and thats their problem

  2. TomFrank

    Did the pool just prematurely ejaculate?

  3. Ezequiel

    and also, look at your youtube name, is that not whnroipisg a teen mom? How is Secret life of the american teenager any different from teen mom, other than the fact that its fiction and teen mom is REALITY?? If anything, i think secret life glorifies teen pregnancy more than teen mom does. I’m not trying to hate or anything, it just sounds like a contradiction to me.

  4. audress

    hey maci dont you wish kyle or ryan would be the father tell me on and love your shows and P.S who do you love kyle or ryan and its hard work love you and bentley byeTELL ME PLZ

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