1. chelsea

    the girls pretty, but it doesn’t look right. she has a boyish figure with now “boobs”. two just don’t go together.

    • Sunny

      Pretty?! She looks like a 35 year old mother of 5, waitressin’ hard to keep the trailer she earned in the dee-vorce.

    • chelsea

      I have a boyish figure, but 34D breasts. I look just like Maci (in the body), except mine are natural.

    • CockHungry

      This girl is a white trash whore! She is absolutely disgusting and whatever brains she did have, have now been squeezed out by those atrocious fake titties!

  2. Big Ass Bunny Feet

    That’s what i was thinking. I think tinting her her eyebrows would help her face and darkening her hair. She looked best as a strawberry blonde.

  3. sam

    oMGeeeez, she looks like lindsay lohan. The body type, and the hair. The complexion! Fuck me!

  4. lisa

    wow fake boobs whatever cannot believe people even care bout what these girls get up too we should look up to them NOT they are famous for getting knocked up and being too stupid
    to think of birth control

  5. loonry

    Good, she needed them. Millions of women get breast implants everyday but she can’t b.c she had a kid in HS. Whatever. At least, she didn’t get some outrageous size. Heads up ladies, this is how to get breast implants.

  6. Tina

    Who gives a crap! She looks great and deserves to have a life too! Go Maci!!!

  7. Season


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