1. SIN

    She has the body but what happened to her face?

  2. I am 13 and i live in a very religious modest area. I have 2 bikinis. My mom isnt a modesty freak, but she worries too much about what other people think of us.

  3. Gary Shirley

    whata butt’er face….

  4. Brian

    I would love to bang Maci. I might even try to get her knocked up again!

  5. Angelika

    Bitches are always so quick to get a boob job, when what they really need is to fix their ugly faces.

  6. Zac

    I’m not gonna lie to you, she’s a hot mom.


    Teen Mom, huh… interesting term, boob job or implants hasn’t been anyone favors since, after it has gotten worst then.

  8. she looks good with her new boobs. wish i could see her tats better.

  9. mellissa

    Her body is cute even though she had to BUY some breasts but her face is tore up and she has horrible skin!

  10. Lacy

    I dont see why everyone is so mad about her implants at least she got implants that are proportional to her size rather than DDs, I think she looks gorgeous. Everyone was saying how she was the perfect one? No ones perfect, just because you have kids doesn’t mean your life is over. She has to take care of herself too otherwise how can she take care of a kid? If I looked that great Id show my body off too.

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