1. Lisa

    And by baby #2 I mean #3. Considering the apparently limited gene pool available (judging by Leah’s face) it’s amazing the first two aren’t fused together… making for 1.5 babies.

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Sorry that happened to your family. Hold on, girl. Even things like these happen for the best maybe you are better off without that loser.

  3. FlGatorMom

    I am so glad I left the state in the 80′s after growing up there. Jordan looks like the type that wanted fame so she went after stupid Corey. What an easy mark!! I thought he was a better guy. What a disappointment. He will probably get this whore pregnant. No show for you Jordan. No one wants to watch homewrecking whores!!!!!

  4. twingirlmommy

    dont worry girl. i know your pain. I have a set a twin girls too.We have gorwn together on our own and eventually became friends. The three Muskuteers! I know how two girls need constant attention! i dont see how ppl comlpain aboutjust one baby. let them step in our shoes for just a couple hours and they would loose their mind! you might have to do it on your own for a while but dont let everyone out their who said “I told you so!” get the best of you. Jus hold on and just love them as much as you can. In the end you will have your own little three muskuteer bond too. and nothing is more wonderful

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