1. Tom Horton

    Homewrecking WHORE! Love is dead because of you.

  2. brent

    Good cans

  3. shaft

    I love chicks like this. I bet she has the prettiest pussy. I’d fuck her till she blood, then some more

  4. Jovy

    Lol wow you guys really, REALLY need to up your standards a bit..

    • jim eh

      Up our standards, sorry honey we don’t all live in a dream world where we all like tall clueless blondes, I for one would fuck this chick over TONS of other chicks.

  5. Kate

    If this is really true, then she is a HOE. What kind of woman hits on/flirts with a VERY WELL KNOWN married man? She can’t even say she didn’t know he was married. That is TRASH!!

  6. Doc Schweinstrudel

    fucking whore!

  7. Gallo

    Hold your hand up to cover her body (note: there is no good reason to do this), and you’re looking at a late-30′s IHOP waitress down to goddamn JOWLS. I can’t tell if it’s the result of Appalachian poverty or Appalachian genetics. That’s not going to help her career when she starts stripping in a few months.

  8. kendrachanae


  9. 0Lpok

    She looks nice and dirty. Nice cans, too. She’d be up for anything, I’m certain.

  10. Ismoss

    Man if he’s nailing something like that I should be banging something really hot.
    Oh wait I am, ..yes score, I rule posers!

  11. Ceara

    shes got leahs figure but looks like JWOWW in the face.. hmm….

    if fell so bad for leah she tried so hard to get things good with corey like they were untill all this happend !! i hope everything works out for them and their kids !!

  12. x

    looks like linday and teen mom jenelle mixed in one

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