1. Rose

    What is Orko doing wrecking homes in West Virginia? Shouldn’t he be defending Castle Greyskull or whatever?

  2. Just fucking say it

    It makes sense mathematically. Jordan is a strong 6 while Leah is a weak 5. You can add a point to Jordan for not having kids and another for them big ol’ boobies and then deduct a point from Leah for the kid and unsightly cesarean scar.

  3. Mahogma

    Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

  4. anonomous69

    hahaha!! I went to Cedaredge highschool with this girl!!! To be honest with everyone, she has always been a dumb tramp so im not suprised in the least. Atleast i guess her tramping around got her some form of attention lol.

  5. Angelina

    Ugh really this pisses me off i was so happy for them when I watched them get married and now this bs she’s not even pretty she’s fugly looking and Leah is so beautiful so here’s the Way to Fuck Up Award to you Cory!!!!

  6. Whateef

    1) She is most likely a fame huniting home wrecking skank
    2) She is not ugly, her body is amazing… her face is meh
    3) Everyone insulting her, have you looked at Cory? He’s fat, he has no chin, he looks like he smells bad, and i will be surprised if he isnt missing a few teeth in a year. Everyone always judging women on their physical appearance but seriously in this case, a creature from the trailer park lagoon somehow managed to get it in with 2 very beautiful women. I wonder what the rest of the guys look like in WV if that THING is worth fighting over

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