1. Deacon Jones

    West Virginia: Come for the neon shirts, stay to support your meth addiction.

    • Brittany


      Corey: Hey paw! I gots me a new woman!
      Corey’s dad: You ain’t humpin yer sister agin are ya?
      Corey: Naw, she’s my first cousin!

      • Nicole

        Uhm i’m form west virgnia & we are NOTHING like that. We may be a bunch of hicks but we don’t fuck our cousins or sisters or brothers. Anyone who thinks that is a sick ass person so get your facts straight hunn!

  2. anonyouss

    Pretty, pretty.

  3. Henchman 21? Is that you?
    A beard is no excuse for a jawline no matter how you trim it!

  4. kwin

    Title should have read– ‘Teen Mom’ Leah’s husband , a real piece of work, cheated with this.

  5. lol hicks

    eww he’s shorter thasn i thought

  6. youcandieNOW

    Take off that fucking hat already!!!! I’m sure it smell like ass.

  7. Jason

    Every average looking guy should take note and move to WV where they are guaranteed to get laid.

  8. juaquin ingles

    He’s like a deep fried version of that drooling dork with AIDS from the movie Kids.

  9. zoya

    ewwwww, make the country people go away.
    He needs to run his clothes over that washboard again.

  10. Kimberly

    ha ha you guys are stupid no one uses washboards anymore…ha u wanna see hick come to SW Kansas!

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