1. jenn

    i love how the one baby is making the same face as the douche bag dad, so sorry baby.

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    damn. poor babies

  3. poor ali her leg still looks like its in bad shape

  4. susan ayden

    This is so disgusting to what was beautiful ending to teen mom2, another family torn apart, more drama and broken families glamorized on mtv. That was a serious forever, 6 months? I guess in the tv world that is forever. I just dont see anything great about watching this family split up. It is so sad, I would have loved a happy forever and so would the children.I wish both these parents would grow up and stop this destruction of their girls. You can stay together and raise your children 100 percent of the time or split up and have someone else raise your children 50 percent of the time. Parents need to stop being so selfish. After having children you dont hve the luxury of destroying their world. Every marriage is fixable Both Corey and Leah need to read the book, The Proper Care and Feeding Of Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger and stop destroying their baby”s world for money and fame, I meen filming the entire divorce, like thats great entertainment?a re you freaking serious? Corey needs to man up and say no , their kids dont need to be watching that in the furture. I hope both continue to be at least decent parents……

  5. susan Hayden

    On a last note, they dont need to let them film the divorce or glamorize divorce in any way, I thought this show was to discourage young girls from becomming pregnant, not glamorzing broken families and never ending drama. I will never watch mtv ever again…

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