1. Maeby

    Cute little chubby baby :o)

  2. lkh

    Jackass- she doesn’t have implants and if you knew fake boobs you would know that. Second, why don’t you grow 2 babies in your body for 9 months and then give birth as see if you don’t have ‘stretch marks’. She looks beautiful and has a beautiful figure. I can guarantee your ugly ass is fat and hairy with a few lesions so shut the fuck up.

    • spl

      IKH – of course she looks great – she’s a kid, you idiot. Of course, the idea of an unwed teenager having a kid probably doesn’t offend the likes of trailer-park dwelling, white trash, tattooed, ignorant hick dumbshits like yourself, does it?

  3. Lo

    I agree, I think she looks great!

  4. Blech

    I hate when mothers say stuff like “why don’t YOU go and have a baby and see what it’s like for me”… as if I forcefully inserted semen into their vaginas, and as if I give a shit about the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

    Next time be responsible.

  5. Hold On

    I gave birth over a year ago to twins and I guarantee I don’t look as good as her! And most twin pregnancies end with stretch marks so you either have them removed (if your vain) or deal with it, I commend her for accepting her body because she looks amazing after twins!

    • Stretch Marky Marks

      Stretch marks can never be removed. Things can be done to have them look dminished in size and discoloration, but stretch marks are there for life. So, even vain people will have to deal with them. But, I do agree that it’s great the she’s accepted her body with them and isn’t going to let them affect her life or her wardrobe.

  6. Ugh

    Have these sluts ever heard of condoms? Or the birth control pill? Jesus Christ…

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