1. Where is Keefuhhh?

  2. Natalie

    holy crap she is THICK and CHUNKY..she used to be all cute and small, what happened???

  3. These two make me wish they were baby seals and i was a Japanese fisherman.

  4. “This is why I do it,” she said, looking at a picture of money.

  5. Actually

    Aw I bet he is just such a stand-up guy. You know, when he’s had his morning meth.

  6. aj

    that random guy better watch out, she might role over on him.

  7. Beer Baron

    Awesome tats, brobro. You should go with the spider web on the elbow next.

  8. Quijibo

    Hold it out further…a LOT further.

  9. Anonymous

    Instead of getting breast implants she should of used that money for trying to get her son back or giving it to her mom for taking care of her son. Low life!!!!

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