1. “Well, you’re going to HAVE to pick it up if you want me to take prearranged candid shots. Just hold it for a second, and pretend you’re going to kiss it. Then we’ll give it back to the nanny. Think of the money you’ll get from TMZ.”

  2. Victoria

    Classy. Straight up classy.

  3. Curious Troll

    That poor fucking kid. That’s a damn shame.

  4. lia

    if i was a kid i’d rather be playing in the ocean than sitting in my moms arms while people take pictures of us, so drop all your fucking judgement.

  5. Frankie

    Here is some judgement for you, Slut highers her own papparazi to take risque pics, and draw free papparazi to take more. Lime light whore. She knows it…you don’t get a clue. Her end game is to turn all this into a $$$ making restaurant franchise.

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