1. Sorry, honey, they’re just for show. You won’t find what you’re looking for in there.

  2. MrsWrong

    I guess they really are fun bags

  3. “No, PULL it! How else is mommy going to pretend to have an accidental nipple slip?”

    • eNit

      no way! kids always do that lol
      I have a niece and she’s always trying to pull my top down when I pick her up.

  4. Misana

    This picture is soooooooooooo funny! oh man!

  5. sexyman48

    About to pull a Coco Arquette.

  6. Dr. Awesome

    Good God, that kid is ugly.

  7. lalagirly

    Dr.Awesome she aint ugly. Plus if she was she probably got it from you.

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