1. MrsWrong

    “That one’s your dad, no wait, that one”

  2. Senor Trout

    They could change the name of the show from ‘Teen Moms’ to ‘Butterfaces With Kids’…actually, I guess it would be ‘Butterfaces With Kids, featuring ButterEverything Amber Portwood.’

  3. She’s fugly….forget the boob job….you need a nose job, before that honker blows that kid away.

  4. hH

    Butter face.

  5. The Pope of Cleveland

    If she had a feather in her hair I’d swear it was Chief Wahoo.

  6. hot mess

    She has a great body, and I actually think her implants compliment her……… but let’s serious, a rhinoplasty is definitely in order.

  7. Kris

    She looks like a Muppet. A Muppet with fake knockers. A Muppet with fake knockers and a wicked case of dude face.

  8. Benji

    Why is that DUMB CUNT such a DUMB CUNT???

  9. barkerman

    @Queen4Hart – I was totally thinking the same thing. Rhinoplasty would have been a much smarter surg… oh. Wait. Nevermind.

  10. bob

    I bet that if you litter in front of her a single tear slowly runs down her face.

  11. radiobunny

    WOW all of you are brutal.. why is everyone so offended by this girl… you all are ripping her up about her looks.. I have followed this website for years and it seems like the maturity level has dropped to middle school level.
    I could understand if she farted on an elevator with you or stole your starburst but what is everyones problem…

    • amy

      iam w/ you radiobunny…..if half the guys ripping her on this site saw her in a bar they’d be on that like white on rice

  12. WAKing

    It’s a hard-knock life when your dad dies in a car crash and your mom’s actually the bigger wreck.

  13. emjay

    why are these pictures airbrushed in these type of “candid” shots? Her skin doesn’t look right

  14. Thais

    meh! poor baby looks ugly

  15. ll

    she Just got braces. She offer to fix that snout. Hook

  16. Abhi

    Mom your tits feel bigger than before..what’s the secret…

  17. luckylue

    I think shes in heat

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