1. danielle

    wow for someone who cries about being broke and having no money, cry for ehr abby to get social security. She walks out with a boob job? What a stupid b!%ch

  2. gb

    i really want to dick her

  3. random todd

    what a shitty boob job.

  4. Funeral Guy

    Horrible plastic titty balls, but I’d give her a sound rogering then put pictures of her snoochie on the interwebs.

  5. pete

    Wow..she’s actually HOT…I’d do her….too bad she has that little brain.

  6. Jami

    They’re a good size and shape, but too far apart– Id be pissed if I spent money and woke up to those.

  7. Skillz909

    Gorgeous, I would date her in a heartbeat… me girl…..find me….someway…..some how…..

  8. Moz

    Farrah Abraham… Wonder if she’s Jewish lol
    Which also leads me to wonder how she’s willing to drop all that money on implants OHHHHH JEWISH STEREOTYPES…

  9. I think she needs a higher bikini bottom…looks like her std’s are just gonna start jumpin out of there. lol.

  10. heather

    bad plastic surgery. and bad mother

  11. KCLD

    I WOULD FUCK HER FUCKING BRAINS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. charliebuck83

    Id be ashamed and look at the ground too if I was this chick

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