1. combustion

    Mother want another?

  2. Hank E Ring

    Fake on the outside, fake on the inside. I’d tag it though.

  3. puddleduck

    Should have spent the money on her nose instead of her tits.

    • Master Cherry Plucker

      Agreed, her lower torso I’d eat in a heartbeat. You’re right, though, her BARBARA STREISAND nose’s gotta go. Hook her up with MICHAEL JACKSON’S surgeon…

  4. bluebottle

    Another oxygen thief,,,

  5. Hi

    Euw she has an outie.

  6. tal

    Hopefully the nose and face job is next.

  7. lala

    dam jealous! thats a body of a mom! i hope i look like that

    • yap yap

      She probably got that body thanks to the help of a plastic surgeon. Nothing that some liposuction and a good laser heir treatment can’t fix. I also have doubts her tan is natural, looks like she used some cream or something..

  8. Farrah's Nose

    I’d throw my pickle down her hallway

  9. Vern

    Thought she got her nose done, too? Are these the results? All in all, refund gap is pretty bad, lower half pretty solid, overall 4.19845 on the physical, -1000000000 on the personality/human being rating. Just a fowl, ignorant, annoying as hell get out, of a person. If I were rich, I’d pay MTV NOT to put her on the air. Oh, that poor, cute little baby. Doesn’t have a chance with that mom and granny. Ughhh..

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