1. Not Long

    Soon as she turns 18, she’ll be newest porn sensation, guaranteed.

  2. Next

    Next she needs to take a hack saw to that beak. Yikes.

  3. Wifebeater

    That chick had a kid?! I don’t care what bad decisions she’s made, if her body could snap back from that without her belly and thighs being reduced to nauseating puddles of scrambled eggs, she deserves massive credit and a deep-dicking. Hopefully the hoo-ha snapped backed, too…

    • kelly

      ya she did have a kid, but you know what, she had a small frame to begin with, she was always super skinny, plus she had a kid very young, so its easier for her to snap back

  4. Jesus

    She looks like fucking skeletor

  5. Kaleigh

    It has nothing to do with being young… it’s genetics. I had a baby a month after my 21st bday, and I didn’t “snap back”… dammit. And I was super skinny to start with, too.

  6. husbandkiller

    yea im a 20 year old mom of a 2 year old little girl……..i have stretch marks on my thighs AND stomach AND boobs AND sides now……..farrah you’re a bad bitch darling. FUCK THE HATERS.

  7. terri

    should of stuffed her ass

  8. john

    Farrah is on pornhub!!!!! dont belive me took a look for yourself!

  9. Jasmine

    I think she looks good. If she feels good about her decision than so be it. There is nothing wrong with improving your imperfections.

  10. Master Cherry Plucker

    People with so-called perfect bods have totally rotten attitudes. I’d take a stab at her, with my deadly weapon, no matter what! God, she’s got an ASS I’d die for my country for by suufication between those luscious cheeks!

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