1. I guess when you have fake tits, your jacked up grill is less noticeable. Money well spent!

  2. Tad Bit Tipsy

    She looks worse than the 40 year old I banged last night.

  3. Dr. Hufurrrrr

    Fake tits or a decent haircut? Hmmm…decisions, decisions.

  4. SumitGill

    Look at that cast, she gives a mean hand job.

  5. 3bull

    Tragically unattractive.

  6. Emilay

    She bounced back well…

  7. HC66

    She’s got that Bill Cosby, pudding pop face, going on.

  8. TS

    Wow, the definition of butterface. That is one terrible mug.

  9. A LO

    hope the baby has all she needs!!! this should be no surprise to anyone she only cares about her self not that baby! she is dumb and she needs to get boobs cuz no guys wants a girl with a kid so she needs something to trap a guy with!!! hope the baby is ok!!

  10. Erin

    “Hellllooo, playboy? I am a D list MTV celebrity and I got my breast implants, and did a staged bikini photo shoot on the beach… so when can we set up this photoshoot?”

  11. Bet

    Okay so I well say they are nice, Im not gay or anything but they are a good size for her body size BUT If I was her I would have gottin a NOSE JOB and my teeth fixed first and then gottin the boobs, But I would like to say with the money you get from MTV get the nose done girl!!!

  12. Ely

    Shes got a nice body. like that little muscles

  13. Davetonian

    $10,000 boob job
    $15 hair cut

    I’m sure it was actually an outrageously priced hair cut done by sone guy named Pierre or Le Shiek but it looks lie she stuck her head in a weedwhacker

  14. Elisabeth

    shes still ugly as fuck

  15. kay

    She still needs to get that sh*t stain looking mole removed from her neck! I would be more worried about that huge thing!

  16. mae

    two words. nose job.

  17. hmmm

    That 80′s hair cut is not helping her at all.

  18. Patti

    u needed a nose job girl! or did u get boobs so no one will look at ur face now?

  19. Dude

    Why Do Implants run away from each other

  20. thats all

    Hahaha, whats with all the worries about her nose? Last time I was stoking the fire, I wasn’t looking at the mantle piece.

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