1. WTF

    WHOA .

  2. wow

    Id love to bust a nut on her.

  3. Janine

    Isnt she the one who refused to breast feed her child because she was worried it would ruin her boobs? Yeah, way to prioritize, choose vanity over your childs health then get breast implants anyways. What a dumbass bitch!

  4. Rob

    Jealous much???? Janine

  5. christine

    SLUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT U r rude to ur family!!!! u will meet ur maker n the end!!!!!! U make a Mom look bad!!! U take advantage of ur parents cuz they bow down to u cuz they want to keep there grand baby close!!! U give noooo respect oh did I say that already!!!! yes but u cold care less u r a spoiled cunt!!!! Yep Cunt u r the perfect face for the WORD!!!!! U make MOMS look BaD!!! When u die u will have so many regrets!!!! Sorry about ur regret’s NOT!!!! Grow the FUCK UP!!!!!!! RESPECT UR PARENTS!!!! U r a easy lay true look n the mirror!!!! Peace out good luck facing Jesus R Lord!!!!\

  6. casual observer

    should have had the nose done instead, or at least got whoever paid for the tits to spring for the beak.

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