1. jacksparrow

    she is banging. (clearly.)

  2. UggerBugger

    Man she is one ugly broad. Thank god, we can all look at the t*ts – not that they look good either.

  3. Conan

    Hey Farrah, who’s taken care of your kid?

    • CK

      I was thinking that too lol. Isn’t the pool or beach or wherever she’s at someplace you take your kids? I don’t get that people say she’s a good mom, I don’t want to see my mom’s pics all over the web half-naked when I’m older…yuck.

      • Erin

        seriously? She’s a bad mom now cuz she’s spending some time at the beach without her kid? Being with your mom 24/7 creates attachment issues- stop criticizing you sound like moron.
        And just cuz you’re a mom doesn’t mean you need to wear a burka bikini, so lay off.

      • lor3nzo

        I agree, its so annoying when people judge these kids… if u didn’t like something about yourself and you had the money to change it i know u would do the same thing.

  4. Sofia

    Hahahaha! Mama needs a new baby daddy! lol! Who wants to knock her up next??????

    • brando

      i woudlove too be her baby daddy…why arell emales so jealous of sxy wome ui hatin on her she is he hottest mom ever bet ever girl wishes they couldhave her body and thats after a pregnancy….unbelievable hot body Farrahdo your thang girl

  5. Modwild

    Wait – she’s a teenager? She looks 40. Poor thing.

    • sos

      No she doesn’t, don’t be jealous.

    • brando


  6. bernard

    with that face, i can see why she did it

  7. Slaphappy

    She doesn’t need a pretty face with that body. I won’t see it anyway when she’s on all fours and I’m bangin away in her ass. Then her face will be covered with my jizz, so it will look fine to me.

  8. um

    uhhhhh, just a wild guess – but you’ve never actually been with a woman, have you Slaphappy?

  9. broro

    maybe i’m being picky, but i wouldn’t call that a “toned” body. skinny and tan, yes.

  10. Angry Dude

    I’m with Slaphappy!

  11. Erin

    All of these pictures have been photoshopped…kinda sad whoever published these.

    These pictures were all over the magazines, I have one sitting next to me and this is just a BAD photoshop can you people think that these photos aren’t?

    Take a look, you’ll see. Theres one picture in US weekly..her boobs are not that round in it.

  12. still hit it

    shame they couldn’t photo shop her a ass…..and maybe a few feet off that nose then

  13. Bev

    her body isn’t bad but her face is horrendous. have you ever seen the look on her face when she starts crying? painful. she is nothing but a phony b$%ch who needs parenting lessons.

  14. x

    yall are so JEALOUS plz stfu lol

  15. gorgeous girl, her boobs look amazing

  16. kaylee

    wow…she was better looking before…

    btw…wheres the baby?

  17. harmony

    Dont forget she went to college and has 2 associates degrees! So if she wants to get boobs, who cares?

  18. Y

    Lame to get implants.
    Even more lame that her mother is probably watching her daughter again.
    All she cares about is getting another guy.
    Honestly, CPS should take her daughter away, she never spends time with her. She’s not doing it for the attachment issues, if you even watched the show, she was never around then either. She doesn’t deserve to have a child.

  19. Rob

    She’s really ugly. So all you have to do is be a slut and you’ll be famous? This is a horrible message. They need to be hot too. MTV really needs to find hot sluts from now on because honestly if TV turns into a bunch of self important ugly chicks, like it is in real life, I’m gonna kill myself.

  20. Chris

    Great message. Get knocked up as a teenager and get a new sets of fake breasts. Just what we need more of……..

  21. Tat Tvam Asi

    In reply to Rob: Of course all you need to do is be a slut and you’ll become famous- Kim Kardashian and family come to mind! Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t that really the message we are sending to our girls and women. Make a sex tape, say it was a mistake, accuse the guy of releasing it, threaten to sue them for publicity then drop the case, have a show by Ryan Seacrest’s production or MTV, and keeping making effed up mistakes purposely to get more attention. Its a vicious cycle for attention-whores, I mean look at Kris Kardashian. There really is no hope for her and she is just waiting for her daughters to become adults so she can pimp them out. This woman, Farrah from Teen Mom is probably the worst mom on the show. I’m not sure how much is reality, but even for a show you don’t leave your kid out in a hallway of your building and forget her there for a whole 2 minutes, it takes 30 seconds for kidnapping, you don’t walk away from your infant on a couch and let them fall, you don’t spend your hard earned dollars on breast implants because a ‘fake’ modelling agent said bigger boobs will get you shoots or work, you probably should invest that in your child’s future or something that truly benefits both of you. I mean, I can’t really judge for sure that she is a bad mom, but of all the moms on the show, she is the worst. It’s sad really, because this is Sophia’s role model.

  22. Lux Joseph

    Pretty body. Gross face.

    There’s the truth. Take it or leave it.

    But more importantly…irrelevant.

    They only want you when you’re 16…when you’re [insert any number higher than 16], you’re no fun! lol

  23. noodles

    I would pound her ’til her ears bled

  24. brando

    keep workn tha hot bikini body Farrah fuck all the haterz they are all simply jealous of how amazing your body looks after having a child and are probably sick of hearing their men talk about how sexy you are……omg the things i would do to Farrah…mmmm filthy!!!

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