1. E

    Still fucking hot.

  2. burton

    shoudl have got a nose job instead.

  3. Matt

    At least their bodies bounce back if you knock em up young.

  4. tod

    those low bikini bottoms are hot

  5. Jane

    I remember that on the show she said that she wanted to be a model, and she didn’t specify what kind of model she wanted to be (as I recall) but implants that obvious are going to seriously limit her modeling career.

  6. Cardinal Ximenez

    Its like someone took this hot body and transplanted Paul Stanley’s head on it. Disturbing.

  7. pete

    Broke…she’s not broke, she just has to pretend to be for the TV show…MTV pays her $250,000 a series!

  8. Mary

    Where’s Sophia?

  9. Hannah

    She’s a butterface.

  10. least she doesn’t have a million tattoos

  11. Taylor

    She’s sooooo gorgeous, look at that body after a baby, simply amazing!

  12. Michelle

    Pretty young lady. I think I would have had my nose done instead, but she’s still pretty. She really needs to keep going to counseling though to learn how to deal with things AND ESPECIALLY how to treat her mom!

  13. scott

    thats one hot teen slut!

  14. cp3

    Everyone knows you are supposed to get a boob job in the Fall so those babies have time to drop. Everyone except the 19-yr old cum-dumpster apparently.


  16. Rhiannon Plato

    Lol look at her body man, why would people be worried about the size of her nose! You all just jelly. I’M JELLY!

  17. Mark

    Those implants a thoroughly disgusting! Face isn’t much better!

  18. Brit Tit Lover

    Wow what a hot goddess

  19. Mark

    im gonna blow a load, god she’s hot

  20. Shelby

    I’ve never watched the show ’16 & pregnant’ or ‘Teen Mom’, and I don’t plan on watching either of the shows, so I don’t really know much about this girl, but I think she has a pretty face, and a nice body. I’m not really a big fan of her new implants though.

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