1. woopie chick

    She should have used the money for a nosejob instead, that honker is huge!

    • ElleD.

      I completely agree! She’s a pretty girl, but that nose… :-|
      I definitely would have spent that money on the nose job. She really needed it.

    • there is a reason many teenager girls are bad mothers….teenage girls should not be mothers…this isn’t the 1800s where you were lucky if you lived to be 50 yrs old, i tell our children, our oldest son is 22, not to become parents until you are nearly 100% certain you are ready to give up life as you once knew it to be….if you don’t, and you have children who are passed onto Grandma to raise, you will have another generation of self-obsessed fathers and mothers and more babies through the proverbial crack…

    • Christine

      It’s not a Barbie nose. So what? If she got a nose-job, she would look plain as hell.

  2. well..

    if she wasn’t such a shitty mom she might be hott…

  3. Kelly

    SHE IS THE BIGGEST IDIOT HAHA! She is soo stupid, its kind of sad. She should have used that money for rhinplasty……shes gross.

  4. adhd4u2

    She used all that money to blow up her boobs but she is still a shitty mother!

  5. jooohi

    Steals money from hard working Americans? Check
    Tacky poofed hair with ugly bangs? Check
    Bad mother? Check


  6. Cock Dr

    “Any time I caught a glimpse of the show”
    I’ll bet the blogger watches that show top to bottom every time it airs.
    For research purposes only of course. It’s the job, not because he wants to.

  7. burton

    she def shoudl have used it for a nose job, she looks so stupid with those bolt on plastic tits…ugly tits.

  8. mfb

    i’d fuck her six ways to sundown…….hot

  9. wheat swan

    she made the right decision by having her kid young; her body really bounced back

  10. Deuce

    Yeah, I’d pound that shit to death !

  11. reformed_druid

    I only have one comment, where is her child? She got boobs and is out showing them off, I read that mom got arrested for hitting her, someone here said the childs father died before it was born, where is the child? MTV should be sued by child protective services for promoting these people and encouraging their behavior.

    • viva lableu

      I don’t know about you, but being a mother of 2 children myself, I don’t spend every waking minute of my life with my kids. Especially say when I go to the beach to detente, which means to relax. SO if her daughter is being supervised by a responsible person then by all means let her go to the beach. As a mom I know I’m being a better parent when I take my time to relax and spend time away from the kids. It causes less stress which is helpful while dealing with a needy toddler. Have you ever been around one of those for 7 days straight? 24/7 it drives you a bit crazy

      • kelly

        i agree its bs that everyone is saying wheres the kid wheres the kid, its not like shes ganna spend every second of her life with her child, who the fuck does that?

      • David

        mothers that care about their kids who aren’t self obsessed whores. As far is it driving you crazy grow up and face your responsibilities. Anyone who would defend this person is showing poor character i believe. As far as her looks she is obviously shallow her body is stringy her face is drawn out her tits are fake and she has no ass. It’s obvious that her life style isn’t healthy she just wants to be skinny. Some of you really need to educate yourselves if you think you should somehow defend a vile attention whore who is clearly not a good parent.

  12. viva lableu

    OMG for every person saying she’s a shitty mom…i wonder if any of them had a kid at sixteen, and then tell me how good parents they were. in fact i wonder of any of them are parents. AND how many of them have their lives edited on reality tv to look like their shitty parents. Id also would like them to post a picture of them in an exact replica of that bikini a year and a half after having a child. If that is possible then for real props, if not STFU…american idiots

    • elohel

      Having a kid at 16 (assuming you weren’t raped or implanted with alien seed) just proves you’re too ignorant, irresponsible, naive, or some combination of the three. We aren’t living on the prairie, there is really no excuse.

      Anyway, if you’re foolish enough to get yourself knocked up at 16 and so desperate for attention that you need to sign up for reality TV you deserve all of the negative comments about your parenting, ginormous nose, blown out vagina, etc etc that the internet and its lovely community could possibly throw your way.

    • laboo


  13. hmm

    could park a truck between those bolt ons

  14. blah

    oh please her child is very well taken care of….i hate when people bash single moms or shit moms period for wanting to still look good..her body looks great the boobs are a definite upgrade.Her nose is how people recognize her do u think she would do something so stupid as to change it?Stop judging the chick because she is making money where as most of you are just sitting on your asses bitter because you can’t do any upgrades to your sorry ass disgusting bodies.

    • kelly

      i dont get wha the big deal with her nose is, its not THAT bad, she has big eyes and lips that kind of balance it out
      btw awsome body im 17, never had a kid, and would loveee to have that body

  15. Stained

    Why is it that we allow people like this to invade our breathing space? We’ve got some short fat bitch named “Snooki” to some steroid freak named “The Situation”… can someone please tell me why we put these people on a pedestal?

    The problem with our country today is that we would rather numb ourselves with this BS, than pay attention to our crumbling country falling around us. It used to be that we (as Americans) had standards – yes standards. That was until the people who were put in charge of the “Standards & Practices” department figured out how to take a pay-off instead of doing their jobs.

    I can only hope for the day that we stand up and say “enough is enough.” We WANT to be entertained, but by TRUE entertainers. Not some teenage chic who can’t keep her legs closed, and definitely not by some half-baked drunken losers who think their fake tits and “orange-glow tan” makes them a superstar.

    Wake the F*CK up America… before it’s too late!

    • growupteens

      THANK YOU … YOU MAKE THE BEST POINT IVE READ ALL DAMN NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!! IM TIRED OF STUPIED PEOPLE INVADING OUR LIVES … PUSHED ON US VIA TV INTERNET ETC …. If your rich and famous you can beat your gf’s and wifes many times , tell people your crazy , say you do coke and get roasted on tv and eveyone laughts about you being a horrabal messed up person … (mr Sheen) you have sex for money … your not a hooker … your a PORN STAR … this world is MESSED UP …

  16. Jesus

    Looks like a fucking Egyptian tomb art person

  17. jc


  18. jo


  19. laboo

    Never heard of her…..

  20. Teresa

    She should have bought a new fricking attitude!! I think she is so very rude! How can you respect yourself if you dont respect others first!!

  21. Sprmcandy

    Killer body !!

  22. charliebuck83

    I hate this chicks face and bangs and bad attitude Id love to punch her in the face. But her body is nice so guess Id squirt one in her and get her pregnant again then take her to court cause obviously shes an unfit mother then make here pay child support now thats how you do it son.

  23. sissy

    some of these comments are rude and stupid hating on her longs she likes the way she looks then so be it and if she wants time to relax no different than having grand parents watching the child because every mother or father needs quiet time to chill out nothing wrong with that my kids are older and i take them everywhere with me even when they was young……..just saying

  24. sissy

    and how and the hell can someone say she need to keep her legs close how about you do the same if it was YOU everyone was talking about think how YOU would feel

  25. Sprmcandy

    Killer fucking body.

  26. Huluu

    I’m just mad her post baby stomach looks better and tighter than mine and I am 25 with NO kids. Ugh!

  27. Jamie

    I don’t want to get into whether she is a good mother or not. She was rocky at the beginning, for sure, but she has improved.

    No, my question is this: has she no idea what size she wears?

  28. Jack

    I would love to fuck her. I would wreck that pussy with my big cock. She would be calling and texting me everyday wanting me to fuck her after I got done with that. Shes got the perfect body. I would fucking pound her pussy so hard in so many way. I would even like that starfish

  29. rabbit

    she was cute, now not so much.

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